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Traditional Korean Music & Korea vs. Mexico

Our day started out with a free morning, luckily, since Cam and I were exhausted from the Lotte Family Concert the previous day and most everyone was tired from their nights out, too. We went to eat famous chicken soup at the Toksochon near one of the palaces and it was very good. Then, we headed to a Traditional Korean Music concert which was completely different than the K-Pop we had listened to the previous day but still mesmerising. I especially liked the outfits of the performers and kept imagining how these dances and music were played many years ago.

Afterwards, the girls went café hopping around the Sinsadong area where we found DoréDoré and tried a huge rainbow cake, and visited the Line Store café. The area around there (Garosugil) looks very fun since there are many other cafés that look interesting to explore so I would love to return again.

At the end of the day, the girls headed to the Itaewon area where we noticed a lot of foreigners and bars around the area. We met with one of Keina’s old friend and Dain from the Kookmin. We met together to watch the soccer game where Mexico won against Korea. All the cheering from the Koreans around the bar was a little intimidating, specially since our Keina was very excited to cheer for Mexico and we did our best to support her and Mexico, too.

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