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So wonderful right

2018. June. 22 So when I thought the dog cafe was the best day ever, I was close but of course it’s BTS for the win 😭 This day could of gone so wrong but everything worked out nicely. Gen and I had an experience of a life time. We went to the Jamsil Olympic Stadium and had to pick up our tickets outside of stadium. We were very skeptical and convinced that it might be a scam and that we were going to die getting the tickets. Luckily, everything worked out and the tickets were legit. We were able to see our boys and we were very happy 😇😇

We wished we could of gotten dinner with everyone because it was with the Kookmin students and we would be getting chicken and beer. But seeing BTS in their homeland was definitely worth it everything and all the risks.

After the concert we were starving but didn’t really feel it because of all the excitement and stress during the day.

(when I told her to smile 😭)

We end up getting Korean fried chicken by ourselves after the concert. It was really good but it was so much so we took leftovers back. Overall, it was an amazing day and I would do it all over again 😭

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