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So hard to say goodbye ☹️☹️☹️

2018. June. 29. It was the last night in South Korea, I was honestly really sad and also had trouble packing because I brought so much stuff 😭 but in the morning we had a class reflection with the Kookmin students were we had to type up our reflection paper. It took me a while to finish mine.

After class we had dinner with the Dean of the science department, I believe. We ate at a restaurant on campus and it was really delicious 😋. During lunch one of our friend who had to go home stopped by to say goodbye 😭😩 it was so nice of him to do that. He went around and took a selca with everyone.

After lunch we said goodbye to other students who were leaving, while some was able to hangout with us Drew students later.

The guys decide to stay back and relax and probably pack for their flights while the girls took the opportunity to go visit more cafes 😊 Dain helped us go to this very cute cafe called Melting Pom 💕😭

It was hard to leave this cafe but we had to meet up with everyone at the Han River. We laid out 4 tarps and ordered food and enjoyed the last night of most of the Drew students in Seoul 😭😭 It was a great way to end the trip 👍

This trip was definitely an amazing experience and I will most likely be visiting Korea again soon!

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