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Seoul Tower

Today was one of my favorite days so far. In the evening we went into Myeongdeong. When we first arrived we each got some cash so that we could buy our dinners from any of the street vendors that we passes. It was a lot of fun because the food looked really good and the shops were all pretty nice. It was definitely a bit cleaner and nicer than a lot of the places we have been so far. I ended up getting some chicken and rice cakes which were good, as well as buying a couple souvenirs. After an hour of walking around we headed for Seoul Tower. We got to take the cable cars up the mountain and once there, the view was amazing. Even before going into the actual tower there was an amazing terrace with shops, restaurants, and incredible views. Then we went into an elevator that took us into the tower. At the top there was a 360 degree room whose edge was completely made up of windows. Inside there was a cool souvenir shop as well as a huge wall of candy. The view was amazing and there was just a great vibe to the whole thing.

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