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Myeongdong pt. 3 & N Seoul Tower

Our morning today was a bit strange because we woke up very tired and missed breakfast. But, we decided to enjoy the most of our afternoon free time and do some laundry, went to pick up some coffee at the café in Kookmin and worked on our blogposts while we waited for class to start.

After class, we headed to Myeongdong (for the 3rd time) with everyone to explore the street foods and do some minimal exploring. I think Myeongdong is such a huge place and is always crowded so to explore it fully and get the most of it, we have to spend more than 1 hour in there. That’s why Cam, Keina, Sheryl and I have been there multiple times already because we can’t seem to concentrate enough to navigate the whole place in one day.

We also visited the N Seoul Tower and the Boys over Flowers fangirl in me was very satisfied. The view from the top of the tower was beautiful and I was glad I could get some souvenirs for my family. The love locks were also super cute. We finally ended our day having some Korean food at a hidden restaurant in the Myeongdong but ended up returning a little late because the stores that were still open late at night still managed to distract us.

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