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Lotte Family Concert but mainly BTS

Friday was very exciting day. We started out eating dumplings for lunch and listening to BTS in the background. We had a quick class and then Cam and I headed to the Jamsil Olympic Stadium for the Lotte Family Concert. We were kinda scared because we were a little insecure about getting there/getting the tickets/getting inside the stadium, but it all worked out better than we had expected. The show itself was amazing, and we got to experience performances of many artists, although we were mainly there for BTS. BTS’s performance was amazing and we’re still recovering from it and their new hairs (it’s been 2 days already but I don’t think we’ll get over it). Finally, to attempt to recover from the show, Cam and I headed to get some chicken and beer that we had missed from earlier with the class. The place we went to was near the stadium and the food was super good; we should all go there sometime.

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