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Korean Dinosaurs? (Jurassic Park movie)

We watched the Jurassic Park movie. The story made absolutely no sense to me, but I was very entertained by the intense action. The emotional part of the movie felt comical, although I don’t think that was intended (I’m guessing it was supposed to be serious but they failed at it). We should feel sympathy about dinosaurs potentially dying especially after watching some guy at the beginning of the movie get brutally eaten by a dinosaur. Let’s set all the dinosaurs free in the city, what could possibly go wrong? We love them right? (some sarcasm here if this wasn’t obvious somehow) I’m not really complaining though, I was pretty much still entertained after all. Afterwards, we hung out with the Kookmin students for dinner with lots of nightlife and played naming games! That was a lot of fun, but so challenging.

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