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Korea trip sadly coming to an end

2018. June. 28. Only a few days left in Korea, I’m so sad that I have to leave ☹️☹️☹️😭😭. Today we had our last official class on chapter 8 about MRI’s. We also watched a few interesting videos about it too. After class, the girls went to Hallyu K-star Road in Gangnam, which had cute bears of certain Idol Groups. Gen & I wanted to take a picture with BTS one, of course 🤗

Since we didn’t have much time we went directly to the next thing from on our list (of places to visit before we leave) which was the Lotte World Tower.

It was gloomy that day and we went around the mall, but we ran out of time to explore because we were late going back to class for the evaluations. Thankfully our professor was understanding. We were trying to do as much as possible. before we leave.

For dinner we went to the same chicken BBQ place as last time but this time we had more people with us! We had a good time and the food was very good as usual 😋. After dinner, some of visited a cafe called Pumpkin where one of friend, HyeongTae worked at 🤗

Afterwards we went to get some fried chicken & fried chicken feet. Although some of us were still full, we still ate more chicken, I couldn’t say no to Korean fried chicken

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