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KAIST and Downtown Daejeon

This day, we woke up very early to visit the Daejeon city which was around an hour away from Seoul by KTX. Our friend Dain from Kookmin joined us on this trip; I hope she had as much fun as we did. We visited a Science museum and we were so grateful that one of the exhibitions was opened just for us as they were doing some renovations. It was all very fun and interesting. We then moved on to visit KAIST which had the biggest campus I had ever seen. We think Kookmin is huge although the students say it’s small, we can’t describe just how huge KAIST is in comparison to our little Drew campus. After meeting with a Korean Drew Alumni and discussing how life at Drew is and was, we visited the downtown area and sung at coin karaoke. Similar to our last trip to Gyeongju, our day at Daejeon was very long and productive and we got back home late in the evening.

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