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Gwacheon and KAIST

Today was one of our busiest so far. We left the dorms at 7:30 in the morning so we could make the 9:00 train to Gwacheon. The first thing place we visited there was the national science museum. Unfortunately the science and technology section was closed, but we did get to have a short private tour for reasons unknown. From there we visited KAIST university. The campus was large and stunning, but what was so impressive was how much research seemed to be getting done there. Finally we went into downtown and got to walk around a bit. The coolest part was this underground mall that seemed to never end. For dinner we had Korean barbecue again, but this place was different in that it was all you can eat. I preferred the other Korean barbecue places, but I still enjoyed the new place. Afterward we sang a little karaoke before heading back. We got back to our dorms close to 10. As tired as I was it was a day well spent.

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