GTC DC 2019

Nov 5. Day 1

Keynote: CLARA, GAN (for Bob Ross like paintings), reinforcement learning (backflip), DeepStream, self-driving car, multiple DNN in production, 5G.

GAN demo


Healthcare AI

Pathology AI

Multimodal fusion, Graphical CN, GAN


Voice classification demo.

Multiple video feeds.

Simulator running on NANO.

Nov 6, Day 2

Autoencoder and anomaly detection from reconstruction error

HigherEd panel

  • Relationship with industry
  • Convergence of multiple industries and disciplines
  • Computing as pervasive tool

  • Digital literacy (foundational skills)
  • Younger kids (middle school)
    Computing Across Curriculum like Writing.
    Masters program for continuing education, industry certification
    Digital ethics

Super resolution with autoencoder

PyTorch (Captum)

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