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Fried Chicken on Friday

Today was a busy day. In the free time that we had in the morning I went to the Seoul Forest just to walk around and see what it was like. It was pretty nice but probably not worth the hour long trip it took to get there. Right form there I met everybody at the classroom where one of the Kookmin students brought dumplings for lunch. They were large but also very good. After a three hour lecture we as a group went out to dinner at a fried chicken place. The chicken was great but I have no idea how people ate it without using their hands. After dinner we split up and my group went to a see a movie. Finally we met back up again later and had Korean style pizza. There we met more Korean students and got to learn a little bit about what they do for fun. I am overwhelmed by how nice and inviting the Koreans kids have been so far.

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