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Daejoon Here we come

It was a great morning and we took a train to Daejoon. When we first reach there, we visited a Science museum. Unfortunately, the museum was closed when we got there but a nice lady was willing to bring us around in the museum. She introduced to us the evolution of technology in Korea. Although it was a short trip, we had a great time. Then we visited Kaist university. The campus was so beautiful and big. Then we went to walk around the downtown of Daejoon. DaIn took us around the place as she used to stay close by. We went to a coin karaoke and we just went crazy. 😂😂 All of ya sang like we were professional but….. For dinner we had a bbq with everyone. Then we had to head back. Then we got back home after dinner.

At night, Keina and me decide to watch the FIFA game and Train to Busan. We had 3 screens running together. It was so funny and interesting to watch all of them together. We don’t know how we did it but it was very fun. 😂😂

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