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8 Drew students and a Kookmin student (DaIn) visited Daejeon. Our first stop was the National Science Museum, where we got a private tour about the history of science and technology in Korea (the exhibition hall was closed for the day due to renovation, but the museum staff was kind enough to make an exception for us). Then, we went to KAIST, a renowned science and technology university in Korea, where we were greeted by Prof. Lee Sangwan and his students.

We also had a special meeting with Prof. Emeritus Lee Yoon Sup, who graduated from Drew in 1970s and was a chemistry professor at KAIST. After a nice lunch at the faculty club, students went to the downtown area, while I gave a seminar for ~20 KAIST students on the topic of “Trade-offs in Neural Computation.”

The group rendezvoused for all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant. After some hearty singing at a coin noraebang, students returned to Seoul.

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