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Checking out Gangnam city and The Mall

I normally hate going to malls, especially with my family where I just watch my 2 older sisters by lots of clothes and stuff while I must always wait and watch them (my family normally never lets me explore alone). So I was initially dreading going to the mall in Gangnam city, but afterwards I ended up really liking it. I got to go around the mall alone and explore whatever I wanted. The library in the mall looked crazy (how on earth do they reach all the books?). There were also so many floors, but only the 1st floor had stores (mostly), which I found weird because I would expect them to use all the space they got. Maybe there are future plans for this mall to become even larger? I got to try out a VR headset and a driving simulator where I actually move around like I’m in a real race car, and trying out all of this was for free! The area around the mall looked great as well, and I also explored the city a bit at night time. This goes to show that sometimes it’s better to explore certain things alone where you are free in your own thoughts and choices completely (without worrying of the convenience of others who may want to move on to something I don’t care about). I had a great time!

Video: Driving Simulator Korea 2018

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