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Café Hopping

2018. June. 23. We went to get lunch at Tosokchon Samgyetang, a tradition chicken soup. It was so good and very cleansing for my soul. If I would come back with my family or my friends, 100% I would bring them here. I think they would like it as well. Although the line was long, we actually got seated pretty quick.

After lunch we got to watch a traditional Korean concert.

It was very interesting and the songs and dancing showed a lot of story. After the concert, Keina, Sheryl, Gen & I decided to go cafe hopping in Sinsa-dong. We found a very cute street with shops and different cafes.

Afterwards we headed to Itaewon to meet up with one of Keina’s friend Ricky, to watch the South Korea vs. Mexico FIFA game, it was a really intense game & a fun experience. However, getting back at 2:30 AM was a whole different experience 😂 There was no cabs available and when we got one the prices were higher, but that wasn’t what was crazy. The driver must of been an extra from fast & furious or a race car driver because it we got back on campus within 13 mins of a 30 min trip. Overall, this day was eventually 👍

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