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Best Dinner Yet

Today was spent, for the most part, in class. We had a lecture before lunch then after that we headed to one of the cafeterias on campus and got subway. Then we went back to class to complete our third lab. This experiment was on the reflection and refraction of light. It did not take too long and afterward we had about an hour break before heading for dinner. We were asked what we would like for dinner and somebody mentioned Korean barbecue. So far we have had both chicken and pork barbecue, on separate occasions, so this time we opted for beef barbecue. The restaurant was in walking distance and on the nicer end of the ones we have been to so far. The Kookmin students were just as excited as us to have the food. It was so good and my favorite meal that I have had here so far. We ate and talked for a long time and afterward we came back to the dorms.

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