Arduino Engineering Kit

Several physics students have been testing the Arduino Engineering Kit, since the beginning of the spring semester.  They have built the rover and the drawing bot, and are now in the programming stage.  We are working through some difficulties with the software setup and sharing some trouble-shooting steps here.  Our environment is Windows 7 and Matlab 2018b.

One of the first problems we encountered was that we were missing MKRMotorCarrier, which was solved by ensuring that all the following add-on’s were installed in Matlab:

  • MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware
  • Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware
  • Arduino_Engineering_Kit_Hardware_Support_18b

Another issue was that we were missing some libraries (e.g., WiFi101), despite the fact that we had those libraries, according to the Arduino IDE (version 1.8.8) that we had installed separately.  However, it turns out that Matlab was looking at the Arduino IDE (version 1.8.1).  You can check the Arduino IDE by typing “winopen(arduinoio.IDERoot)” at the command window. Then, open the IDE, and make sure that the following are installed: MKRMotorCarrier (version 1.0.1) and WiFi101 (versions 0.14.3).

Once done, we were able to connect to the Arduino.

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