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Another lab but also seeing interesting houses nearby

So we had the light lab, which was very easy conceptually (snells law, a simple equality), but yet looks very cool with how the light is reflected or refracted depending on the shape of the lens. The way the 5 slits split up the white light to a rainbow was also really cool to see in real life, and understandable as it proves white light is a combination of different lights of all different colors (wavelengths).

Thankfully it wasn’t the only thing I did today, I also checked out the old house nearby the Kookmin guest house (how convenient). It was nice to see some more old Korean styled houses, the relaxing lake with cool gigantic goldfish, and also met with and chatted with the awesome Kookmin students for a bit. We were joking about how on America, there’s normally fences around these kind of views, while in Korea, there’s no fences covering the view. So I made a (joking) theory that Americans tend to be more crazy than Koreans, where an American is more likely to jump in the lake than a Korean, which is why America has more fences to prevent this. Joking aside, I had a great time.

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