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Korean BBQ pt. 3: Beef

2018. June. 25. Although we had class and lab all day, it was still a good day because we got to spend it with our Kookmin friends. Today was actually one of my favorite lab out of the three I’ve done so far, Jong & Dain even agreed. We did the wave machine lab, I remember the first day of lab I was so intrigued by it and was sad that the other groups got to do it. But then realized that we had to eventually done all four lab, bitter sweet moment 😭

After doing our lab report some of us went to the traditional house, Myeongweongwan across the street from Kookmin university, it was small and cute. Since we had time to spare before dinner, we just sat outside of College of Science after tour the place and our friends showed us how to play these short Korean group games.

We had dinner at a BBQ restaurant right by the university, the walk was worth it. The food was very delicious as usual 😊😊 After dinner, some us when to get rice wine and a traditional Korean egg roll.

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