Students I’ve worked with…

  • Ezra Sutter (Fall 2020): Eye-tracking while solving anagrams.
  • Gabriel Dutra (Summer 2020 – Fall 2020): Curriculum generation from science textbooks.
  • Jesse Murray (Summer 2019): Eye-tracking while solving anagrams.
  • Kayla Rockhill (Summer 2019 – Spring 2021): Analysis of science textbooks (survey), reactive LED project (Digital Humanities Summer Institute + Drew Summer Science Institute), function approximation.
  • Peiyu Guo (Summer 2019): Analysis of science textbooks (physics, chemistry, and biology) using machine learning algorithms (Digital Humanities Project)
  • Ji Hoon Kim (Summer 2018): Analysis of physics textbooks using machine learning algorithms (Digital Humanities Project)
  • Drew Goldstein (Summer 2017): Exploration of Deep Neural Network with TensorFlow
  • Ben Insley (Summer 2017): Self-organized orientation map of the primary visual cortex
  • Haoyu Li (Summer 2016 – Fall 2017): Representation of visual neurons with LEDs
  • Jhonatan Cruz (Summer 2016): Time-lapse with Raspberry Pi with automatic uploads
  • Michael Clancy (Summer 2015): Workflow for testing image classification algorithms
  • Susan Weiner (Summer 2015): Anti-saccade with working memory task
  • Sangay Yeshi, Nikita Fedenchenko (Summer 2015): Time-lapse with Raspberry Pi
  • Jason Asaytuno (Summer 2014): Motion detection with OpenCV
  • Neil Van De Putte (Summer 2014): Digit classification with Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  • Brad Hong, Adam Magistro (Spring, Summer 2014): Anti-saccade with auditory task (Pingry, Newark Academy HS)
  • Liz Pemberton (Summer 2013): Eye tracking on point-light-display of biological motion
  • Danielle Holz (Summer 2013): Spatiotemporal Hebbian learning
  • Michael Kim (Summer 2012): Data collection for leaf recognition (Randolph HS)
  • Kevin Reichek, Kevin Choi (Summer 2012): Wii and Kinect experiments (Madison HS)
  • Liz Pemberton (Summer 2012): Data collection for the leaf recognition project (HHMI Bridge Student)
  • Seonga An (Summer 2012): Leaf recognition (UNIST)
  • Juneil Jang (Summer 2012): Adaptation (UNIST)
  • Adam Fanslau (Summer 2012): Tuning behavior of a spiking neuron and plasticity.
  • Kyuyul Lee (January 2012): Tuning behavior of a spiking neuron. (UNIST)
  • Evan Wiley (Summer 2011): Binocular sensory-motor learning with Lego NXT. (JHU Neuroscience major)
  • Mary Lamont (Summer 2011): Normal modes in couple oscillators. Wiimote experiments.
  • Karina Russ (Summer 2011): Motion tracking of neural growth, using computer vision algorithms.
  • Danielle Holz (Summer 2011): Wiimote experiment of circular motion. (HHMI Bridge Student)
  • Adam Fanslau (Summer 2011): Collecting the reference coordinates of the neural growth (HHMI Bridge Student)
  • Jordan Matelsky (Summer 2011): Tracking algorithm for the neural growth (Roxbury High School)
  • Matt Hauserman (Summer 2011): Wiimote experiment (Madison High School)
  • Alae Kawam (Summer 2010): Wiimote experiments (3D inclined plane and circular motion). (HHMI Bridge Student)
  • Ariel Breitbart (Summer 2010 – Fall 2011): “Differences in neural response in primate visual area V4 to natural and synthetic stimuli” (Neuroscience Honors Thesis).
  • Matthew Blue (Summer 2010): Model of stereopsis. Neurosky hardware.
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