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Attention to Detail

We’ve finally arrived at Seoul after the excruciating flight and moving process. As I was coming out of the airport to the guest house of Kookmin University, I felt initially deceived by the very modern city-like appearance of Seoul. At first, it felt almost like New York but with a different main language, as the traffic/roads seem to work similarly to New York. However, I recognized the major differences between Korea and New York when I began touring the palace, eating meals, taking a shower, and discovering the town in general. I appear to be a very slow eater compared to everyone as I’m not a very adventurous eater, plus I don’t know how to use chopsticks. However, I’m beginning to learn and was able to eat one complete meal with wooden chopsticks, and hopefully will soon to learn how to use metal (slippery) chopsticks (and successfully eat another full meal). The food is also delicious and very spicy, but I’m struggling to get used to eating more vegetables (as a part of noodles), as well as the different extremely spicy sauces. I can imagine getting used to the food here will be very rewarding for me, as I must try new things and although very spicy, it has a nice burning sensation. The shower also has no curtains, which I found extremely weird for me but it’s apparently normal in Korea. I’ll have to figure out my way around the wet floor, however, at least the floor is automatically cleaned. The attention to detail of the palaces we toured is phenomenal. Every little thing, even the corner of the roof is well-designed. It is very complex with many colors and specific geometry, yet consistent and easy to appreciate. I feel as if every little design detail has it’s own meaning behind it. Even a lot of the hallways in Kookmin university is well-designed with lots of effort, while in New Jersey a hallway’s design is often plain (not designed at all). There seems to be a lot more pride into having perfect appearances everywhere in Korea, unlike back in New Jersey where the design just goes with “whatever works”.

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