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Coming Late Due to Salt

We’ve visited some of the museum, where I got separated from the group. Thankfully I wasn’t lost, but I did lose track of time. While everyone else was waiting for me, I was amazed by the salt exhibition. Despite salt being a very common small thing to put on food, there’s an entire section of the museum dedicated to salt. The salt section went over the history of salt (how it was discovered and it’s application evolution), the beautiful containers and equipment dedicated to salt, and how it has been used for survival other than making food taste better. We’ve also witnessed the design of 10,000 wun (currency) in real life, which is the beautiful mountains view and the golden eclipse. I have also seen the king’s thrown, which looks fresh like it was recently designed, yet ancient. There was also the view of the blue house, which is like the white house in the US for the president. It was interesting seeing how the ancient thrown is fairly near the president’s house, yet completely different buildings. This distinguishes how the role of leadership (from kings to presidents) evolved, while also showing significance of previous leadership roles as both buildings are close by.

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