Traffic and Traditional Korean Music

Today we had a lot of time off and I had a bit of a struggle trying to find ways to fill it. The majority of the morning was spent on homework or reading. We had planned on going to a traditional concert at 3:00 so at 1:30 Tanner and I left for the theatre. Unfortunately there was so much traffic that we ended up missing the first 30 minutes.The concert was very different than anything I had ever seen before. There were a lot of costumes and chanting accompanied by instruments I had never seen before. I got to see three different performances. My favorite was one where there were a handful of musicians sitting and they played folk music. I believe most of it was improvised and they were very impressive.

Han Gang

Today was officially the last day of the program here in Korea. We first met to finish some reflections and had lunch with the Dean of the Science department at Kookmin. We had all afternoon and evening free so we decided to visit a fluffy bed café and pet the dogs there in the afternoon, and then moved on to the Han river to meet with everyone for our last meal as a group. We ordered takeout and set a cute picnic for all of us to enjoy. In the evening, we met for one last session of karaoke and said goodbye to our lifetime-long friends! I hope we can all meet again soon whether it is in Korea or anywhere else in the world! I think we can all agree that we had the time of our lives here in Korea because the experience was so special. We fell in love with Korea! Hope I can come back again as soon as possible!

K-Pop bears and tallest tower in Seoul

Today, we had our last lecture in class and finished some reflections before departing to enjoy our second to last day in Korea. We went to visit the K-Pop star road where you can find a whole street lined with K-Pop themed bears. Of course, we went to look for our favorites: BTS! When the excitement died down a little bit, it was still early so we decided to visit Lotte Tower which was immense. We almost couldn’t navigate through it because it was too big so we got lost a couple times before we realized it was too late and we had to return to campus for our last dinner with the Kookmin students. At night, we went to visit one of the Kookmin students at their job in a cafe near the main palace and said goodbye to Mack who was leaving in the morning.

KAIST and Downtown Daejeon

This day, we woke up very early to visit the Daejeon city which was around an hour away from Seoul by KTX. Our friend Dain from Kookmin joined us on this trip; I hope she had as much fun as we did. We visited a Science museum and we were so grateful that one of the exhibitions was opened just for us as they were doing some renovations. It was all very fun and interesting. We then moved on to visit KAIST which had the biggest campus I had ever seen. We think Kookmin is huge although the students say it’s small, we can’t describe just how huge KAIST is in comparison to our little Drew campus. After meeting with a Korean Drew Alumni and discussing how life at Drew is and was, we visited the downtown area and sung at coin karaoke. Similar to our last trip to Gyeongju, our day at Daejeon was very long and productive and we got back home late in the evening.

So hard to say goodbye ☹️☹️☹️

2018. June. 29. It was the last night in South Korea, I was honestly really sad and also had trouble packing because I brought so much stuff 😭 but in the morning we had a class reflection with the Kookmin students were we had to type up our reflection paper. It took me a while to finish mine.

After class we had dinner with the Dean of the science department, I believe. We ate at a restaurant on campus and it was really delicious 😋. During lunch one of our friend who had to go home stopped by to say goodbye 😭😩 it was so nice of him to do that. He went around and took a selca with everyone.

After lunch we said goodbye to other students who were leaving, while some was able to hangout with us Drew students later.

The guys decide to stay back and relax and probably pack for their flights while the girls took the opportunity to go visit more cafes 😊 Dain helped us go to this very cute cafe called Melting Pom 💕😭

It was hard to leave this cafe but we had to meet up with everyone at the Han River. We laid out 4 tarps and ordered food and enjoyed the last night of most of the Drew students in Seoul 😭😭 It was a great way to end the trip 👍

This trip was definitely an amazing experience and I will most likely be visiting Korea again soon!

Korea trip sadly coming to an end

2018. June. 28. Only a few days left in Korea, I’m so sad that I have to leave ☹️☹️☹️😭😭. Today we had our last official class on chapter 8 about MRI’s. We also watched a few interesting videos about it too. After class, the girls went to Hallyu K-star Road in Gangnam, which had cute bears of certain Idol Groups. Gen & I wanted to take a picture with BTS one, of course 🤗

Since we didn’t have much time we went directly to the next thing from on our list (of places to visit before we leave) which was the Lotte World Tower.

It was gloomy that day and we went around the mall, but we ran out of time to explore because we were late going back to class for the evaluations. Thankfully our professor was understanding. We were trying to do as much as possible. before we leave.

For dinner we went to the same chicken BBQ place as last time but this time we had more people with us! We had a good time and the food was very good as usual 😋. After dinner, some of visited a cafe called Pumpkin where one of friend, HyeongTae worked at 🤗

Afterwards we went to get some fried chicken & fried chicken feet. Although some of us were still full, we still ate more chicken, I couldn’t say no to Korean fried chicken

Eating Complicated Food and the Concert

We ate some chicken in the afternoon, that was stuffed with rice. It was completely closed up and full of bones, and my chopsticks skills aren’t that great. Regardless, it was delicious but hard to complete. It took me a while to finally start finding the rice inside the chicken. I wish I had more time to learn how to eat in a more skilled way, it looks cool when I actually know how to use chopsticks. We also watched the Korean concert. Although it was not my jam, the meaning and style behind it was interesting, along with the narration on the sides of the stage which gave some historic hints. Even if the song you’re hearing isn’t your favorite, there could be lots of interesting meaning within…

Last Day of Fun

We ate some food in Kookmin in a place I have never seen before. The food was surprisingly luxurious, especially compared to the standard cafeteria (not that the cafeteria is bad but still a difference). We went out and sat in front of the Han river, picnic style with mats on the grass. We ate some delicious food, then went to the karaoke bar. I actually sang for my first time, for the last day. I’m going to miss the Kookmin students for their awesomeness, and Korea as well. I felt a little sad leaving, maybe I’ll visit again some day.

KAIST & The Museum

We got to tour the Museum with lots of fossils, Korean Technology and history, and KAIST (another university). I was really amazed by the campus, and the faculty-only dinner. It shows how much they really respect their faculty, giving exclusive luxury dinners. I was lucky to experience it once that day, the food was delicious. I also got to see lots of IBM supercomputers. I wished I had access to them in Drew. All the fossils were really cool as well.

Another lab but with frustrating equipment

We had the Doppler lab. Though, we strangely had a very high percent error despite following the procedure correctly and asking for help to confirm we were doing the steps correctly. I think the problem was starting and stopping the moving little cart, timer (to get velocity), and frequency measuring equipment all at the same time is very difficult to pull off as it requires nearly perfect timing that may be humanly impossible with hands. For instance, stopping be timer too late will lead to the measurement of time being too great which gives a false lower velocity than expected. I think that’s all we did that day.

On a brighter, off topic note, that very old windows XP computer we had to use reminded me of some nice old childhood games on an old windows XP computer that I used to have before it died. Reminds me of when I was a toddler.