Last day in Korea

I started my last day in class finishing my reflections of the trip. The main event however was eating dinner by the lake that separated Seoul. After sitting by the lake for a couple of hours we all decided to go to karaoke one last time as a group. We stayed out pretty late which is ok with me because I didn’t want to leave. By the time we got back to kookmin I was exhausted but sad to be leaving.

Trip to Daejeon

Our last major trip was to the Korean city Daejeon. There we got to explore both their museum of natural history and despite it being closed their science and technology museum. We got a private tour thanks to professor Kouh talking to people who worked there. We also got to go to KAIST University where we got a tour and got to talk to a professor there who is an alumni of Drew university. We got a bit of free time after that and headed back to kookmin after dinner.

The last lab

The only memorable things about this day was finally finishing the four labs we were assigned last week and getting to see the house that used to hold the Korean prime minister. My group did the Doppler effect lab as our last lab. I think it was the easiest one we did but we had to redo it once because we didn’t get everything we needed the first time. The after lab write up was also easy after that we were all happy to be done with the labs. We were only at the house briefly because it was right before dinner but I enjoyed what little we got to see of it.

N Seoul tower

Once again we had the morning off which was uneventful. We started with getting some street food for lunch a couple of blocks away from our main destination N Seoul tower. The tower itself was high up we had to get to the top of a mountain to enter it. The tower itself had a great view and showed the distances from major cities you we’re facing. It was a great way to end our last weekend in Korea.

Chicken soup and Korean concert

We started the day with lunch at a place that served us whole chickens in a bowl of soup. It was interesting to eat I was expecting it to be harder to get the chicken off of the bones. The rest of our day was spent at a Korean concert for some traditional Korean music. We were given the rest of the day off which the guys used to relax.

Last day😭

We started our day with our last class and a lunch with the school dean. Then the girls went to a Melting Pom cafe. It was a cute cafe and there were dogs and bed in the cafe. Then we went to Hangang to meet up with all of our friends. We sat by the river and talked. It was fun and then we went for karaoke. Unfortunately all good things need to come to an end. We had to say good bye to all of them. 😭 Hopefully we can see them again soon.