Hydrogen spectral lines

The final laboratory experiment of introductory physics at Drew is atomic spectra (esp. hydrogen). Having learned about diffraction phenomena in the previous lab, students now view the hydrogen’s spectral lines at different angles and calculate the wavelength of each line. Then, they relate the energy of each spectral line with the transition between the hydrogen energy levels.

Here are two (of 3) Balmer lines students saw.


Well, speaking of “Ballmer” peak. There is an xkcd comic.

Bonus: Neon

shortTREC to S. Korea (2018)

Science and Engineering in S. Korea (2018)

Cultural Immersion

Experience life at a Korean university, learning, collaborating and socializing with Korean students. You and your classmates will share meals, outings and classes. To orient you to life in Korea, the program includes pre-departure introductions to Korean food, etiquette and language.

Academic Instruction

Get introduced to the field of medical technology in a course team-taught by Professor Kouh and a Korean professor. There will be lectures, class discussions and hands-on laboratory sessions, where you will work in small teams.

Picture from 2016: